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Quantitative Investment Strategies & Solutions

Helping professional investors scale and optimize the
investment process in a systematic way to improve
performance and productivity in a cost-efficient way.

We partner with our clients to offer innovative, customized solutions across
the risk-return spectrum. We seek additional value using both qualitative and quantitative tools, dedicated to delivering results.

About us

Technology drives our business. We use cutting edge quantitative research to find connections in the world’s data.

Guided by the scientific method, we devise models that begin with inspired ideas or economic hypotheses. In a systematic, process-driven fashion, models are expanded, tested and integrated into our investment strategies.

quabify's research has focused on analyzing and designing efficient strategies that deliver more stable and consistent performance in the long run. To achieve that, we make sure we combine factor premiums efficiently in order to avoid negative exposures.

quabify and your role

Chief Investment Officer
Add a factor based investing overlay without the upfront costs required to hire a team of developers and analysts.

Index Provider
An intuitive and powerful way to combine different factors and to create new Smart Beta ETF's.

Hedge Fund
Efficiently model and implement a long/short strategies across a range of economic and market conditions.

Portfolio manager
Easily construct, validate, and deploy multi-factor investment strategies.

Market Drivers

An increased desire for scalable investment processes, combined with a desire to operate efficiently, means that there is an increasing focus on quantitative or systematic investment processes.

Scaling and improving the investment management process
  • Eliminate the heightened focus from investors on management fees by significantly improving productivity in the investment management process.
  • Add a quantitative approach to scale current models from tens to thousands of companies and do more with less.

Search for alpha
  • Discover new investment opportunities to refine and differentiate your strategies to increase diversification and improve returns.
  • Leverage and implement multifactor models that take account of changing/different market regimes.

Demand for transparency and systematic approach
  • Keep up with the demand for more transparency and demonstrate a competitive advantage to build stronger relationships with your customers by incorporating quantitative investment tools.

Imperative to make quantitative tools accessible
  • Participate in the quantitative analysis field which was up until now preserved to the technical “quants” who could write code.
  • Adopt a quantitative Investing approach without recruiting an expensive team of developers and data scientists.